Find answers to a few frequent questions here.  For now this page is more of a placeholder while we work out all of our procedures.  More will be added as they come up.

We hope to start business sometime in Beta.  It will probably be about a month or so after Beta begins; depending upon the how smooth everything in the game is running.

Currently we have two distribution centers on two of the most popular planets.  Once the NDA is lifted we can update this FAQ with more details.

Yes.  We are looking forward to expanding throughout the system and beyond!  If you believe your city and your residents can benefit from one of our local distribution centers, please feel free to contact either Dhara or GalloInfligo and we would be happy to discuss it.


No.  Our cargo ships are already fully equipped with various sized containers. 

Yes, you can either visit one of our Distribution centers and offload your order at our loading docks or we can come pick it up at your location. 

Cargo weight and volume limits by shipload will vary based on the elements and/or ores you are shipping. If you are unsure about how much of your product we can haul, please contact us; we would love to speak with you.

Please feel free to contact either Dhara or GalloInfligo to discuss partnerships, trade deals and other similar proposals.