For those who would like an even more casual relationship, these new positions might be just the right fit! Freelancers deliver customer shipments, run security, or mine for us on a contractual basis.

You pick the contracts that you want to work and when you want to work them.



You must be a member of The Outfit and go through proper vetting.  Your only requirement to the Org would be to promise to deliver a minimum XX amount of deliveries (or mining contracts) per month, TBD. You choose the contracts you want to accept.

Freelancer pilots and miners will be required to use their own ships and fuel. Delivery pilots will need to post a deposit equal to the worth of the shipment.  Once a shipment or mining order is successfully delivered, you will be paid an agreed upon amount and your deposit will be returned.

At this time we can’t be any more specific as to exactly how these positions will work as any features the game might have to facilitate these kinds of missions are not known yet.

These positions have the added benefits of emergency assistance if you are attacked, if at all possible.  Assistance with fixing your ship if damaged from attacks during a delivery, if we can.  And the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our Org and become one of our Preferred Freelancers, which will come with more benefits, reduced deposits, and first shot at our publicly available contracts.

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