Our main settlement will eventually reside in the Safe Zone. And we have BIG plans!

We have just hired a new Settlement Planner who will start with our New Member On-boarding Center so new members will always have a place to go and a leg up in getting started. This settlement will include the Outfit HQ, our main distribution center, our main factory, a community hangar and runway, office space for officers and members, a tutorial center, a small voxel library containing free copies of some of the best shapes donated by players from across the galaxy, our member’s homes, bases & shops and lots more!

Most of our Settlers will live and do business here, and allies and friends are also welcome!

What we need:

  • Members are required to contribute one large core to the settlement if you are planning on staying here and using the Settlement’s resources and facilities. Please get in touch with our Settlement Planner, Frycaptain before placing your core so that he can direct you to the correct zoning area for proper placement.
  • Any and all member donations for ores, help with the factories, and other contributions would be greatly appreciated.

The Outfit Settlement Position:
Members can see our private channel on Discord for the position. When the NDA lifts we will update this post with coordinates.

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