Our first outpost resides on the second most popular planet in the game and houses a large factory. We will soon be adding a copy of our distribution center, runway and observation tower. Thereafter plans include an armory, a decent sized community hangar, and a cool build for our Lua programmers to work in so their works in progress are not easily copied by casual passers by.

This location is a strategic location that should help us a lot with our transportation business and is near some of our current allies and potential business partners. I believe most of our PvP players will reside on or near this base.

What we need:

  • Members are required to contribute one large core to the outpost if you are planning on staying on here and taking advantage of the outpost’s resources and facilities. Please get in touch with Dhara or Gallo before placing your core so that we can help you find a good spot nearby or even attached to the current build.
  • Any and all member donations for ores, help with the factories, and other contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Outpost #1 Position:
Members can see our private channel on Discord for the position. When the NDA lifts we will update this post with coordinates.

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