The Outfit plans to be a leader in shipping and logistics services. Our goal is to provide fast, safe and reliable freight transportation.

For your most valuable time-sensitive shipping needs, The Outfit will provide a variety of delivery services offering packages like: Hot Shots Expedited Freight, Long-Haul FTL Shipments, and both regional & local deliveries.


We're Always on the Move!

We expect to acquire a wide variety of special freight equipment to handle the most unusual or challenging of transportation needs. Our fleet of modern delivery ships will range from the largest of FTL transport ships, specially designed security & escort ships along with a collection of sturdy cargo ships in various sizes.


Time is Money!

We plan to offer greatly discounted rates on inbound back-hauls. Local clients can also reduce costs by opting to pick up shipments from our local distribution centers, saving the higher cost of door-to-door delivery.