We are planning for several different kinds of settlements; from a couple of larger settlements in safe zones or protected regions to several smaller outposts scattered across the galaxy. We’re even planning on building a space station (or two).  Basically, we’ll build as much as we can build and are able to protect!


Requirements are simple:

  1. Build your main home, base and/or business in our settlement.
  2. Contribute to community resource stashes when you can.
  3. Help new settlers when they first arrive, if you can.
  4. Help defend our settlement if we are ever attacked (if not in a safe-zone.)

Otherwise, you can choose to work with other Settlers or Crew, if you like. Or you can choose to focus on your own personal projects as you see fit.


Officers and Settlers will be not be required to pay taxes for bases or shops.  All positions will be compensated for time, resources and/or other contributions to the settlement.  More information will be provided once we work all the details out.

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