We are building space station! We need tons of iron and other resources. I am planning on putting in a full factory, a couple of hangars, landing pads, a large ship yard in the center, and so on. I have the most of the modular pieces made and they are ready to put into place.

What we need:

  • Iron, tons of it along with a good stock of some of the more common ores.
  • 5 more medium space cores and people to volunteer to place them.
  • Builders to help add some detail to modular pieces after placed, help with connecting pieces, etc.
  • We also need players who can help copy and paste some of the modular pieces into place.
  • Factories, containers, decorations, lights and so on.
  • Delivery of donations up to the space station.

Space Station Position:

Members can check our private channel on discord for the position.

Inspiration: We are doing a single hexagon ring, similar to this one.


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